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Nutrition is highly personalised and can have a profound effect on our health. 

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What children eat, makes an incredible difference to their mood and behaviour!

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Why Nutritional Therapy?

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Medicines act fast. They can make a splitting headache disappear in 20 minutes, heartburn stop instantly, cholesterol go down to normal levels and allow us to carry on as usual.​ But should we really carry on as usual? Shouldn't we rather consider our symptoms as a precious alarm bell, a fil-rouge that can guide us back to true health? A very important distinction is between true health versus absence of symptoms. When you do not experience symptoms thanks to medications you might be making things worse by ignoring the root cause of your problem.

Sometimes drugs are necessary. Although I question its one-size-fits-all approach, I'm not against mainstream medicine. The problem is not always with medications but with our over-reliance on them. We are popping far too many pills because it's easy, whereas understanding where our health issues stem from and making the necessary adjustments requires time, willpower and consistency. 


A nutritional therapist  works with the body's self-healing ability, deals with the imbalances underlying many conditions and makes you aware of where you are interfering with the natural healing process.


This can make a big difference to both your symptoms and long-term health.

As a Registered Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (member of BANT, CNHC registered)  I am degree-qualified to offer  the best possible personalised programmes. My approach is always evidence-based, which means I use the best scientific evidence available, in consultation with the patient, to decide upon the options that suit the patient best.

When do you need nutritional therapy?

You may want to enhance your wellbeing, achieve optimum energy level and gastrointestinal health. Or you may have a chronic condition and need help with your symptoms. Working with a qualified Nutritional Practitioner can have a positive impact in many areas of health including:

Digestive and gut support

Weight management

Stress management

Hormonal Health


Heart Health

Immune Suport


Skin Health

Weight gain is often connected to other health issues, such as autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances and poor blood sugar control.

So, if you are struggling to find your happy weight you might be as well struggling with other problems.

I can help you change the way you eat, with a diet that is not punitive but a new life-long way of nourishing yourself that will help re-establish both health and ideal body weight.

Children's Health

Children in the Garden

I also work with children who are picky eaters or have food cravings (especially sugar), food intolerances, digestive issues, sleep problems, poor concentration, mood swings, energy fluctuations, eczema, frequent colds and more. What children eat makes an incredible difference to their behaviour their mood and their health. As a parent, I have always been aware that the basis of good health are laid down in childhood,  but I'm also aware that a child diet must be realistic and practical for the parents. My recipe ideas are delicious and easy and will go down well with all the family.

Happy Clients

Micaela helped me overcome a difficult period of my life addressing not only my digestive problems, but also stress which was at root of my problems. She quickly discovered imbalances I wasn't aware of, her nutritional plan and supplements helped me enormously. I would highly recommend Micaela to anyone needing an empathetic and very knowledgeable therapist.

Cristina Aldea

Micaela helped me get over long-standing digestive issues I’d been struggling with by making fundamental adjustments to my diet and life style. After just over a week I was no longer taking medication, whilst still enjoying my food. My energy levels have become  much higher, as well as my mental condition. Micaela is very knowledgeable and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her!

Arianna Zucchetta

I was suffering from long term gut issues which no doctor could diagnose. I thought I was going to have to live with them forever. This was until I met Micaela who did a brilliant job finding the root cause of my problems and provided the right solution. She is knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Forever grateful as she has changed my life

Amira Ghomari

When I saw Micaela for my dermatitis she dedicated time to understand my goals. We set a realistic plan to achieve them, based on a holistic assessment of my health and lifestyle. I have indeed incorporated in my diet and daily routine most of her suggestions, and my condition has definitely improved. I highly recommend Micaela, a practitioner who truly cares and follows up her patients.

Giada Vercelli