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What children eat, makes an incredible difference to their mood and behaviour!

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The Plan

You know yourself better than anyone else. Ours is going to be a collaboration. I have the knowledge , but you know what makes you feel good.

I'll make sure you listen to what you need.

I  normally use a combination of lifestyle measures, dietary changes and nutritional supplements, all  tailored to your needs, habits, level of activity and medical history.

Steps to bring back your body's healing power

Support blood sugar stability

Identify food sensitivities

Support immunity

Optimize gut health

Address stress

Balance hormones & neurotransmitters

Evidence based approach & tests

Tests may be used when dealing with complex problems and to provide the most personalised level of care.

It is possible to check for nutritional and hormonal imbalances, infections, inflammation, intolerances, allergies, intestinal dysbiosis and many others markers. Some tests are available through your General Practitioner, (for example iron status to check for anaemia), other so-called functional tests can help you identify problems in your body systems before chronic conditions develop and are provided by private laboratories.

My approach is always evidence-based, which means I use the best scientific evidence available, in consultation with the patient, to decide upon the options that suit the patient best.