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Nutrition is highly personalised and can have a profound affect on our health. 

The Health Plan

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What children eat, makes an incredible difference to their mood and behaviour!

Children's Health

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Nutritional Packages

Initial assessment of nutritional needs.

Assessment of your current lifestyle, stress level, symptoms. 

Initial assessment of your dietary and lifestyle to establish your health goals.

Initial evaluation of your currents medications or supplements.

20 minutes - telephone call including:


Dietary analysis with a full assessment of nutritional needs.

Full Assessment of your current lifestyle, stress level, symptoms. 

Full assessment of your previous medical history, family medical history and medications.

Evaluation of clinical test results and/or recommendation for further diagnostic tests

Dietary and lifestyle recommendation based on your health goals.

Supplement recommendation and evaluation of your currents medications or supplements.

90 minutes - face to face - £90 - Including:


Four to six weeks after your initial consultation, this quicker session will help you to review your progress and make adjustments to your plan if they are needed.

45 minutes - face to face - £45 - including:


Reaching your health goals is much easier when you are motivated and empowered! This personalised programme which includes a dietary plan specifically designed to suit your need,  is designed to offer continuous support to dramatically improve your chance of success.

Health coaching will help to remove barriers and overcome limiting beliefs, finding what really motivates you. Ongoing guidance and contact points (face to face, online) will keep you focused on your health goals, assisting you in making the right decisions. Perfect for weight management, it will guide you through a new a new way of eating which will make you feel amazing and loosing weight in a natural and lasting way. Prices will vary according to the level of support desired. 

8 weeks health coaching plan -  from £250